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Bit Deprivation

I must confess I have become addicted to information. I'va had this condition for the last ten years, but my recent cell phone upgrades have transformed this particular condition into a full-fledged addiction. Me work field those not help me. In fact, being with other people in the field does not seem to help either, seeing that most of them also suffer from I have recently started calling "bit deprivation".

The symptoms of bit deprivation are very similar from what is today known as sleep deprivation. There can be chronic and acute versions of this particular malady. The most common characteristics of those who suffer it are nearly identical: fatigue, clumsiness and weight gain. It adversely affects the brain and its cognitive functions. In extreme cases it can also cause death.

What constitutes the effects of bit deprivation? A constant anxiety of being away from one electronic apparatus that discharges bits of information to the final user. This anxiety can cause extreme social irritation, lack of sleep, as well the characteristics mentioned above. The person suffering from this condition spends waking hours in a state of limbo, feeling scattered, diffuse, or "not here" when exposed to long periods of time away from the apparatus that provides the bits.

Small micro-consumptions of bits ease the most aggressive symptoms. These small information exchanges, via a mobile or static electronic device, can be used throughout the day with adequate results for the patient. Frequent use of these micro-consumptions, however, can lead to physical dependancy of any given device. 

Bit deprivation occurs primarily in the early hours of day, when the patient has left his electronic device unattended for the most part of his sleeping hours. I estimate that after six hours of no electronic discharge of bits, the individual starts to feel the symptoms described in this entry, regardless of time of day, year-round calendar date, or social activity. Younger individuals seem to necessitate bit consumption with more intensity and the effects of bit deprivation seem more acute with them. I would estimate a high number of bit deprivation effects start within two hours of no bit consumption with this particular age group.