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Fuji X100 video sample

Mexico's primordial forests are under siege. The magnificent "Desierto de los Leones Forest", located on the extreme West of Mexico City, remains the country's first naturally protected preserve, founded in 1917 by then revolutionary president Venustiano Carranza.

Today, the forest has been caught in the middle of a federal government project that intends to build a railroad track between Mexico City and Toluca, located about 40 miles from the capital.

This brief video demonstrates the area's fledging natural beauty.

These were all taken with auto ISO, auto Exposure, MF mode and "Vivid (Velvia)" film simulation. Everything was color-graded on Final Cut Pro X using the "Teal and Orange" effect. All in all, a quick affair. There a quite a few shots that use the "3x zoom" on the X100. Yes, you loose some detail on your shots, but it's very useful, like having to cameras in one! (35mm and 105mm range)

That particular FCX filter adds a great deal of contrast to the shot, just the way I like it. I'm sure that you can achieve better DR if you tinker with FCX and if you shoot on Provia or Astia modes, which allow for less contrasty scenes.

I like this camera quite a bit. It's a very good camera for the documentalist who does not want to carry a great deal of equipment through the woods. I walked about four hours to get these shots, something that I've also done before with my ex Canon 6D and lenses. There's a great difference in portability!

(I did not test the X100 audio capabilities)

Here are some still samples from the video, original footage has a little bit more DR.