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Fuji x100 Low Light Test with Back-Lit Subject

This a brief fuji x100 low-light iso test. Subject was back-lit indoors at the very last hours of the afternoon. As you can see, the superb F2.0 lens on the x100 salvages video quality on this camera. There is visible "mosquito noise", but it is not highly unpleasant. I would describe it as very fine digital noise.

I also ran the test with Fuji's integrated x3 digital zoom and found surprising results. I do not see image degradation using this function, which is very handy when shooting any type of video. It's like having two camera's in one (You can`t use this feature is photo mode, just video mode). This camera has an APS-C sized sensor: 23.6 x 15.8 mm.

Please watch in HD for best results.

F5.6 at iso 800
Auto Exposure and AWB
24 FPS 1280x720
"Soft" (Astia) Film Simulation
Color: mid, Sharpness: soft, Highlight Tone and Shadow Tone: soft
Noise Reduction: low